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1.) You can fill out your welcome packet by clicking the button below.


(Please fill out your welcome packet 

at least 48 hours before our first coaching call so Makayla has time to study you and your business before your first call.) 

2.) The LinkedIn Client Accelerator comes with unlimited Voxer (voice texting) access to me. Once your download it to your phone send me a Voxer message so I can add you as a contact.

Please note: I try my best to respond to all Voxer messages within 24-48 hours. I do not respond to Voxer messages on Fridays or the weekend.

I look forward to connecting on our first call! 

Questions? Email me at


Congratulations and WELCOME to the LinkedIn Client Accelerator!

I am thrilled and honored to be working with you as you grow your business over the next 4 months!


You have just taken a HUGE positive step towards creating a business and lifestyle on your own terms, and living the life of your dreams!

Please read the next steps below.

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